Robotic Pedestal RB18EH


Technical Specification:

1.The automatic elevating robot with a precise spherical robotic pan&tilt head is designed for all kinds of studio real scene, AR or VR shooting.

2. Professional leading start-stop anti-shake technology ensures the perfect shooting effect and convenience of post production.

3.Automatically track the main scene and shoot when the platform moves.

4.Automatically position:the robot can precisely position the trajectory in 5 motion directions,(

Up/down of the lifting platform,pan,tilt,zoom.focus of the robotic head),adjust the speed and record accordingly.

5.Support Canon or Fujinon full servo lens which can control zoom and focus.

6.Absolute value controller is adopted to record the movement trajectory .No need for position calibration in use.

7.The total weight of the equipment is about 80kg. The bowl size of the platform is 100mm and the maximum effective payload is 18kg. It is suitable for cameras of various mainstream brands. Even the teleprompter could be mounted. The input voltage is 110V/220V, and the maximum power is 320W.

8.Precise mechanical lifting system is adopted. The lifting range of lens is 1150mm-2200mm, accuracy can be up to 0.001mm.

9.The normal operation noise volume is lower than 20dB, which meets the studio acoustics requirement

10.The optional VR tracking output module supports RS422, RS232 ethernet communication protocol. Free-D protocol is adopted for virtual tracking data output which is compatible with Vizrt, Avid(Orad), Brainstorm, etc.

11.Optional control console can simulate the camera operation perfectly


Movement specification:

1.Pan range of the head: ±360°, speed:0-60°/s, precision:0.001°

2.Tilt Range of the head: ±75°, speed:0-60°/s, precision:0.001°

3.Lens lifting range:1150-2200mm, speed: 0-35cm/s, precision: 0.001°

4.Zoom and focus: suitable for mainstream lens. Speed: 0-52mm/s, precision: 0.001mm


Standard Configuration

1.One set of spherical omnidirectional robotic pan&tilt head.

2.One set of static lifting platform.

3.One set of control cable.