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1.100mm diameter air cylinder, double color digital barometer

2.Pedestal Payload: 50kg, On-shot stroke: >39cm

3. 23 bit absolute value encoders in Pan/tilt, X, Y, Z

4. Collet ZOOM and Focus data from Canon and Fujinon lens directly  

5. Record position data automatically, one-time calibration

6. Dual output Free-D data: UDP and RS422

7. Auto-adjustment function of Lens delay and tracking delay

8. Full-CNC processing, hydraulic damping plate

9. Directional dolly

10. FREE-D protocol, compatible with Vizrt, Avid(Orad), Brainstorm,Rossvideo,ZD etc

Specification (hydrulic head):

1.Bowl Size: 100mm

2.Payload Range:  1-20kg

3.Counterbalance: 16 Level

4.Grades of Drag: Horizontal 8/Vertical 8  

5.Tilt Range: +90°/-80°

6.Working Height: 100-164cm

7.Transport length: 106cm

8.Temperature Range: -40°C/+60°C

9.Weight: 10.5kg

Specification( Data processor data box 4):

1. Support data input via encoders from pan, tilt, zoom, focus, lens and crane Support BB input via Q9 interface.

2. Automatically recognize full servo lens of Canon or Fujinon and collect tracking data

3. Support setting tracking camera ID, automatically adjust the tracking delay and lens delay

4. Support FREE-D absolute value tracking data, RS422 and Ethernet UDP dual-output, and support changing UPD port number

5. Support data direction-exchange between zoom and focus. Support data direction-exchange between pan and tilt.

6. Support manual tracking crane which can user-define the jib length

7. When the machine moves, two-point positioning could be used

8. Assembled with the touch screen, support USB-C, TF card communication

Tracking Precision:

Pan/ Tilt/X/Y/Z Resolution: 8,300,000 /360°

Standard Configuration:

1.S20VR, Pan & Tilt tracking head

2.PL200, quick release plate

3.Each 2 pieces of 3/8”and 1/4” screw

4.PB100, dual telescopic pan bar

5. 20pin output cable for built-in encoders of Canon/Fujinon lens

6.Data processor: Data box 4

7.Pan & Tilt Data cable

8.Power adapter cable (Optional AC 220V input or 3.6-36V DC input)

9.PT50 pedestal system with 100mm adapter base and barometer charger

10.Direction adjustable dolly

11.Manual pump

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