DMX 512
DMX 512

DMX 512

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①Standard DMX512/1990, with maximum 512 control channel, photoelectric isolation signal output. 

②Control the amount of up to 30 computer lights at the same time, each lamp with 36 control channel, using dynamic light site Settings. 

③Channel characteristic can be set as the control of adjustable light and the computer light. 

④Largest 50 built-in graphics trajectory generator (SHAPE), convenient for user to graphics trajectory control for the computer light, such as draw circle, gradual circle, lines, eight words, waves, and some other effects. Graphical parameters (such as: speed, size, expansion, direction) can be set independently. 

⑤30 lamp program, each program step up to 100. Optional automatic speed control, intelligent manual beat control (SWING) or music synchronization control. 

⑥Can be run at the same time six lamp program for the largest, 30 preset scenario, and lantern on 30 sets of computer lights for operation at the same time. 

⑦With USB interface, user can use USB flash drive to save your precious data. 

⑧LCD with back light to display operation parameters. 

⑨Save data when shutdown.


①Power: AC90-250V/50-60Hz high performance green switch power. 

②Size: 485mm×267mm×85mm