S40PT600  (2-Stage)
S40PT600  (2-Stage)
S40PT600  (2-Stage)
S40PT600  (2-Stage)

S40PT600 (2-Stage)

2022-08-09 09:37:51  

SEEDER S40PT600 2-Stage steering pedestal for broadcast studio features a payload of up to a maximum of 60kg. Pedestal and fluid head by CNC processing ensure high precision and intensity.


1. 90mm-110mm diameter air cylinder, double color digital barometer

2. Pedestal Payload: 60kg, On-shot Stroke: >700mm

3. Damping plate structure and effective counterbalance system

4. Pedestal and fluid head by CNC processing ensure high precision and intensity

5. High performance dolly with brake

6. Suitable for studio high definition video camera, counterbalance grades up to 16x2

Technical Specification

1. Pedestal Payload: 60kg

2. Diameter of Air Cylinder: 90mm-110mm

3. On-shot Stroke: >700mm

4. Double Color Digital Barometer

Fluid Damping Fluid Head

1. Bowl Size(Flat Base): 150mm

2. Payload Range: 5kg-40kg

3. Counterbalance: 16x2

4. Grades of Drag: horizontal 10 / vertical 10

5. Tilt Range: +90°/-80°

System Specification

1. Working Height(Bowl Status): 960mm-1740mm

2. Temperature Range: -40°C/+60°C

3. Weight: 30kg

Standard Configuration

1. S40H full CNC fluid head, with 30 seconds luminous horizontal bubble

2. V-type quick release plate

3. Each 2 pieces of 3/8” and 1/4” screw

4. PB100, dual telescopic pan bar

5. PT600 two-stage pedestal system with adapter base and barometer charger

6. Direction adjustable dolly