Seeder attend China media industry development summit in 2016

2016-09-23 11:16:59 lxy 87

The China media industry development summit was held in WuhanInternational Expo Center on 23th, Sep.2016. Seeder was invited by Wuhan DayangGVM Technology Development Inc. the biggest system integrator of audio and videotechnology in Hubei Province.

Seeder took with the star products on this exhibition,including light tripod S40, Outdoor News tripod S120C4 and S260PT.


S260PT provide the pedestal system for the program 《I am a singer》

A continuous stream of visitors came to the exhibition, especially the S260PT, which attracted a lot of participant’s interest, they all came to experience and try the tripod.

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Seeder benefits a lot from this show and have won big focus and great praise among all the participants in the exhibition.


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