SEEDER Robot Rocker Was Awarded at BIRTV2019

2019-09-04 11:10:59 黄文杰 11
Seeder robotic crane went through the experts' strictly filtering and rating, was awarded  in comprehensive equipment classification products at 2019 BIRTV this year.

Experts' comments:
SEEDER RB28CR Robotic Rocker is an independently developed robot shooting system with innovative technology, including the features like industry-leading start-up and stop anti-shake technology, automatica tracking of the main scene shooting and perfect curved motion shooting. It adapts a precision spherical robot head, support Canon or Fuji full servo lens, achieves AI auto-focus function. Max. payload is 28kg, can be attached to a miniature protometer. The crane length can be adjusted in range of 2.6m-4.2m to solve the shooting needs in different sizes of studios. It adapts multi-function robot chassis, is flexible and convenient to move. The absolute value encoder is used to record motion positions and track data without initialization calibration. The system automatically identifies obstacles by software and optical sensors in the crane to improve operational safety.
It is equipped with a camera simulation control panel for automatic and seamless manual switching.
The device's external have a variety of communication methodsports, EtherNET, EtherCAT and serial port, they can communicate with each other, can be used in series alone and also implemented to control multiple devices. For the VR output module, the crane supports RS422 and Ethernet UDP communication protocol, virtual tracking data is output by standard FREE-D protocol, support vizrt, Avid (Orad), Brainstorm and other AR, VR systems. There are standard TCP/IP network protocols that can be controlled by third-party devices to enable automated operation. The equipment is highly automated, is advanced in worldwide, leading in domestic industry, practical products.

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