Classification of tripods

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Classification of tripods

Can be divided into professional video tripod and professional camera tripod. Here is mainly the difference between video and photograph. Sachtler, Vinten, oconnor.etc..are for professional VIDEO camera, Manfrotto, Gitzo.ect,,are for professional photograph(PHOTO). Now as many cameras are with video function, a lot of people begin using a dedicated video tripod to take pictures. 

Classification according to the structure of fluid head

The tripod is divided into spring structure and damping plate structure. The fluid head is divided into two structure in the video industry at present as spring structure and damping plate structure.

>>Spring structure:  The main brands are: LIBEC, Vinten, SHOTOKU, CARTONI and so on, this kind of tripods will depend on spring to adjust the counterbalance, the advantage is with lower cost, the disadvantage is inconvenient for adjust counterbalance and is easy influenced by temperature.

>>Damping plate structure:  The main brands are: Sachtler, MILLER, SEEDER, E-image, jiexun, Teris and so on, this kind of tripods will depend on rubber to adjust the counterbalance, the advantage is with clear payload weight, convenient for adjust counterbalance and not easy influenced by temperature, the disadvantage is with higher request for processing and higher cost.

Classification according to the payload weight

>>Lightweight hand-held camera(such as PX280、PX298,SONY PXW-X280)

>>Outdoor shoulder-held camera(such as PX5000、SONYPMW580)

>>Studio heavy camera(such as AK-HC2500  HDC2580)


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