Know about the leg of tripod

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Thedefinition of tripod leg

Tripod means thesupport system under fluid head, tripod leg can be divided into two materials asaluminum alloy and carbon fiber, for structure can be divided into single,double or multiple, for stability can be divided into mid-level spreader, groundspreader, independent support, together with Bipolar andthree-stage support system.

The material of tripod leg

There a lot of materials for tripod leg,mainly including wood, steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, carbon fiber,vesuvianite and a synthetic materials of new technology.

>>Wood tripod Wood is the oldest but with high quality toughness, this make woodentripod have the advantage of absorbing the shutter vibrations, so a lot ofpeople who using large camera are particularly like the wood tripod.

>>Steel tripod With high strength, can carry heavier camera, but withlight net weight and it’s suitable for studio use.

>> Aluminum alloy tripod Solid and with reasonable price but also have light netweight, most used in the low end tripod.

>> Magnesium alloy With higher strength than aluminum alloy and lower pricethan carbon fiber, is one of the most common material among all the professionaltripod at present.

>> Carbon fiber tripod The biggest characteristic is lightweight, the toughnessis better than aluminum alloy. Usually we would think that carbon fiber tripodis 100% carbon fiber production, but actually there are many domestic brands ofcarbon fiber tripod just have between 20% to 60% carbon fiber content, othercontent usually fill in with glass fiber, this may cause in the phenomenon that"carbon fiber leg is heavier than aluminum. So we need looking carefully whenbuying.

>>The connection of tripod leg Many tripods will appear a loose phenomenon in the legswhen use after half a year, for the loose problem, manufacturers often reply youjust need to retightened the screw, actually it is not. This is because they useplastic or mould products for the bowl (hot processing material will have airbubbles when cooling), the strength is not so good after repeated use, this iscaused by seriously abrasion. If using full CNC (the abbreviation of Computernumerical control), then the problem can be solved for cold processing.

The locking structure is also the same, it will be easily damaged ifusing plastic or mould parts.

Full CNC processing for SEEDER tripods 

Connecting piece, locking button,camera plate, fluid head, all use CNC processing, the S series products of SEEDER is the only full CNC tripod among the industry and not miss everydetails.


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