Know about the Fluid head of tripod

2019-03-04 09:43:08 zcr


When it comes whether the fluid head is good or not, a lot of peoplefocus more parameters on payload and grades, but in fact the effectivecounterbalance is more important. There are four main parameters of fluid headinclude payload, horizontal drag, vertical drag and counterbalance. 


Payload range

Payload range is one of the mostmisunderstood for many people, they think that they just need to make the camerastable since if the horizontal and vertical drag are locked,20kg payload fluidhead is also suitable for 40kg, this is also the place of the concept of fuzzyamong a lot of manufacturers.

For example, the payload range is 3-12kg, soall cameras in this range is suitable, actually, it is not, we also need tocheck the counterbalance, if the fluid head only with 4 counterbalance, then thedetailed parameters of adjustable should be 3,6,9,12kg, each adjustable range is3kg, only the cameras which are similar to this weight can adjust to the bestcounterbalance, if the camera is 5,7,8,10kg weight, then it is not good to usethis fluid head. This is also why we need more counterbalance and eachadjustable range is about 1 kg.


Adjust the counterbalance

When the photographer is takingpictures, they used to lock the vertical drag and think this is safe, actuallythis is a wrong way since the camera will not fall on the ground if you adjustthe effective counterbalance, the professional photographer will not lock thefluid head when use it.

So when you evaluate the fluid head,the main point is camera weight, whether the counterbalance is enough or not,whether there is enough adjustale range which can suitable for differentconfigurations when you add different accessories. The other is durability andconvenience problems.


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