Know about the payload of tripod

2019-12-26 zcr 70

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Payload weight

The diameter of tripod leg is connected with the lock material, including

14 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm and 22 mm and so on. Generally, 14mm is used for hand-held lightweight tripod, 16mm is used for outdoor tripod, more than 18mm is used for heavy tripod. Lock is divided into fixed lock and continuous lock, continuous lock can be used for a long time and won’t loose. This payload is higher than the payload weight of fluid head, in fact with no practical significance.

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Payload of fluid head

The payload of fluid head also called counterbalance, means camera can keep balance and not fall on the ground, but this has to do with the gravity balance of camera, generally is about 10 cm from the camera plate. Many payload weight is not counterbalance and have no practical significance, because as soon as all the hand knob be locked, there is no problem for 10 kg counterbalance bearing of 50kg equipment, this is a big misunderstanding of domestic radio and television industry.

There is also a technical difficult to domestic manufacturers for just looking at the size of fluid head to define the payload and don’t know the payload means counterbalance. Domestic which is similar to Sachtler’s fluid head is with much less actual counterbalance than Sachtler, but they also sell well since many users are not so clear about this.