Know the counterbalance of tripod

2019-03-04 zcr 82


What is counterbalance?

The counterbalance is when without damping force, the camera can operate at different position freely. We think this is the most important norm to ensure the quality of a tripod.

Counterbalance is influenced by what factors?

This force is influenced by two parameters, one is the weight of camera, the other is the gravity of camera. If with small force, camera will fall in one direction, if with large force, camera will rebound in the middle.

What’s the payload range contains in counterbalance?

Except the camera weight, we also need to consider the necessary accessories.

For example, when we add some high location equipment, such as camera screen or teleprompter on the camera, for lever principle, this will influence the gravity of camera, that is also the reason why only less than 15 kg studio camera will need 25 kg payload fluid head.

What is effective counterbalance?

Effective counterbalance is when you put on the camera, the fluid head can keep balance,Coupled with the effective grads of drag, can let users to maintain a good shooting touch.

How many kinds of back stretch?

At present there are two kinds of back stretch structure for the counterbalance, one is by spring, the other is by rubber pieces.

>>By spring, low cost, simple structure, the disadvantage easy to elastic fatigue, easily influenced by temperature, LIBEC, Vinten, SHOTOKU, CARTONI, etc. all with this structure.

>>By metal rubber pieces, usually 1-3 kg per piece, by increase or decrease the number of pieces to adjust the counterbalance, with good stability and easy to use, the disadvantage is with higher precision and higher cost, Sachtler, MILLER, SEEDER all use this structure.

There are also some domestic companies use plastic parts to guarantee the precision and reduce the processing cost, but these products are with poor durability.